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Creatine monohydrate powder/300g per barrel, 500g per barrel

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Color:    Black bottles
Type:    Powder
Material:    Creatine powder
Effect:    Build muscle
Dosage:    300g/bottles,500g/bottles



Creatine, in biochemistry, is a nitrogen-containing organic acid naturally found in vertebrates, which can help provide energy for muscles and nerve cells. Michel Eugène Chevreul first discovered creatine in skeletal muscle in 1832, and later named it "Creatine" based on the Greek "Kreas" (meat).

It can quickly provide energy (all activities of the human body rely on ATP, that is, adenosine triphosphate to provide energy, and the storage amount of ATP in the human body is very small. During exercise, ATP is quickly used up. At this time, creatine can quickly ATP is then synthesized to provide energy). The storage amount of adenosine triphosphate in the human body is very small, and it needs to be continuously synthesized, but the body's synthesis rate is very slow, so the body causes fatigue. Therefore, timely supplementation of creatine can effectively improve muscle strength, speed and endurance. Improve physical fitness and training levels and prevent fatigue.

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